Discover Advanced Threat Analytics

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics – ATA – can help you detect suspicious activity in your network.

On average, attackers lurk in a network for 200 days before they do their dirty work. And in that time they’ll be rifling through your data planning their attack. Organizations who wish to retain their customers, their data and their reputations must pay careful attention to system security and identity protection.

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) can help. It analyses suspicious behavior to help you identify security breaches and threats to your organization. Discover how at our webinar when OCG’s UK enterprise mobility expert, Mathew Richards, will describe the benefits of ATA and how it can prevent a cyber attack in your organization.

Mathew will show how ATA:

  • Detects suspicious and unusual activities in an organization’s systems
  • Swiftly alerts admins of the latest security risks
  • Adapts to ever-changing cyber security threats
  • Can identify the most critical threats.

Thursday 21 April 2016 | 6am Pacific, 11am EST, 2pm UK, 3pm Western Europe | 30 minutes

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