What you need to know about Cloud Access Security Brokers

The emergence of the cloud, as well as the software, platform, and infrastructure-as-a-service options it provides has led to increased productivity in today’s enterprise. However, it also introduces new challenges and complexities for keeping data secure. This is where CASB solutions come into play!

CASB, or cloud access security brokers, are on-premises or cloud-based software that acts as a broker, or proxy, between your users and the cloud services they access. The main goal of a CASB is to enforce security policies and prevent the unauthorized access, exfiltration, and theft of valuable data assets.

In this webinar, OCG Principal Architect Frank Urena will discuss:

  • The business value of leveraging a CASB in your environment
  • How CASB solutions integrate into an organization’s overall security and compliance strategy
  • How Microsoft Cloud Access Security widens and deepens the security tools already in place

If you are responsible for enterprise security in your organization or are interested in learning how CASB solutions can help bolster your security posture, this webinar is for you!

DATE April 14, 2020
TIME 11 am Pacific | 2 pm Eastern | 7 pm UK | 8pm Western Europe
DURATION 60 minutes

What you need to know about Cloud Access Security Brokers Webinar April 14th - register now!