Microsoft Identity Manager MIM ADVANCED training – via Teams in Eastern Time (5-8 July)

By now you will already know that our consulting services in Microsoft identity technologies are the best in the world, but did you know our technical training is just as good?

Since the upgrade of FIM to MIM, we have updated our courses too. Our next Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) Advanced training course takes place in the classroom in Redmond, WA, or join the course remotely – that is, live online in real time (usually Pacific time zone) from anywhere in the world. Get the classroom experience from the comfort of your own desk and save money on hotels and airfares.
MIM ADVANCED TRAINIng: more Info, course DATEs and prices

“Overall the course experience was superb. I had already taken the Foundation course and even after attempting to apply the many good things I learned from that course on our current development implementation of MIM, there were conceptual and terminology gaps for me. This MIM Advanced training provided just enough repetition and then enhancement on how MIM works that I feel very confident that I can more effectively advance our initiative to deliver an enterprise wide identity and access management system based on MIM.
Excellent course and instruction. The teacher is articulate, knowledgeable and able to effectively answer participant questions. I especially liked how he seemed to intuitively anticipate what questions or confusion may arise for participants. With fluency he would tell us what he is going to say, say it, and then say in a reinforcing manner what he just told us. I never felt like he was merely repeating himself. Time and time again he would clear up both verbalized and non-verbalized questions I had. Excellent instructor!
I appreciate being able to participate remotely. This is the second course I have participated remotely and highly recommend it.” Kevin P, Application Developer, USA