Active Directory healthcheck

Who has access to what information in your organization? Is the access they have to your systems appropriate? If asked, could you run an accurate report on it?

Organizations managing Active Directory (AD) face the everyday challenge of contending with users, groups, and computer objects that constantly change. Often AD will have as many security models as there are domains and forests, each of which dictates the management of these objects in different ways resulting in confusion, unnecessary expense, and security risk.

Today, most organizations attempt to overcome these problems with multiple tools or manual scripts, none of which quite seem to get the job done. The challenge of baselining your current state, taking corrective action, and performing ongoing housekeeping is impossible without a proper auditing and reporting solution.

How we can help
An Active Directory (AD) health check will analyze in depth your AD to discover where toxic conditions reside that have negative downstream effects on your security posture.

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