Hybrid Identity Technical Deep Dive

A hybrid identity technical deep dive with Ross Adams, Senior Program Manager in the Active Directory. Craig was presenting at Oxford Computer Group’s Identity Summit in Redmond, WA, in May 2016.

At the heart of an organization’s ability to thrive in a cloud-first, mobile-first world is a strong hybrid identity strategy, one that allows customers to on-board to the cloud easily, secure identities and accesses, and extend value across the hybrid enterprise faster. Azure Active Directory’s modern identity management system allows customers to do this quickly and easily. For organizations that span on-premises and the cloud, Azure AD offers compelling features that extend value to existing investments on-premises.

In this presentation Ross dives deep into how organizations can quickly connect their on-premises AD with Azure AD. He then focuses on how organizations can quickly and easily integrate on-premises applications to Azure AD to derive all the value from the cloud.