Increase Security through Role Management and Attestation

Discover how Role Management and Attestation can increase security in this recording of a webinar from August 2016

Security has always been a primary business issue – but now it’s more important than ever. It is stating the obvious to say that we want to give appropriate access to employees and partners, while keeping the bad guys out, but how do you do that in an internet-enabled world?

It has to start with tight management of identity data. Many businesses enjoy the benefits of synchronizing user data with Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM, or its predecessor FIM) and perhaps AD Connect, too. Not only is this administratively efficient, but these attributes can be relied upon for authentication and authorization purposes by various directories, applications, and web services. But is that enough?

The next stage is to add role management, so that permission information is properly applied according to business rules, and so that managers who are closest to the data, and the users of that data, can allow or deny access through a regular and efficient attestation/certification process. But how can you do that?

IDdriven is a cloud-based service that can add exactly these capabilities to FIM/MIM, and to provide them for your cloud assets, too. This webinar addresses the above business problem, and demonstrate a solution based on FIM/MIM and IDdriven.

DURATION 45 minutes