CASE STUDY! A single, scalable Microsoft identity solution for public schools

students and staff can now access all the systems and resources they need with a SIngle Identity

YES Prep Public Schools wanted to simplify access to data and resources for their users. They also needed to reduce costs and save time, as well as comply with state and federal regulations.

“We have a lot of systems that students and teachers want to use”, says YES Prep’s Troy Neal, “and we wanted to give them a true, easy-to-use experience to access those tools and resources to enable instruction.”

In this short video (1 minute, 17 seconds) Troy Neal outlines the problem he was trying to solve for YES Prep Public Schools and why he chose Oxford Computer Group to help.

Want the full story? In this video (28 minutes, 59 seconds), Troy Neal and OCG consultant Frank Drewes explain the identity solution and the impact it has had in more detail.

This presentation was filmed at Oxford Computer Group’s Identity Summit in Redmond, WA, in May 2016. Why not come to our next summit in May 2017?

Is your school or district facing similar problems? Are you interested in implementing a single, scalable identity solution? Then call us for advice today. We have significant expertise and experience in working with educational institutions to get very complex systems up and running without fuss. We’ll save you and your users time. We’ll also save your organization money, enabling more to be spent on educating our young people.