Microsoft Security Immersion Workshops: A Gamified Learning Experience

Oxford Computer Group recently participated in Microsoft’s XDR Immersion Workshops: Into the Breach and Shadow Hunter. These workshops are a fantastic opportunity to learn and understand Microsoft Defender for Cloud and Microsoft 365 Defender.

Immersion Workshops

Microsoft Immersion Workshops deliver an in-depth gamified learning experience into Microsoft cyber security tools that help organizations detect real time threats and infiltration of on-premises and cloud infrastructures. The workshops simulate an attack in which the security team uses the Microsoft Defender toolset in a game-like setting to unravel the cyber threat.

The workshop enables a security team to test their skills against each other with an overall leaderboard. The leaderboard displays real-time results, based on answering questions correctly and quickly.

Immersion workshops are broken down into two types of infrastructure landscapes, 1) On-premises to the cloud, and 2) across clouds.

On-premises to the Cloud: Into the Breach

  • Microsoft 365 Defender – Email, Documents, Identities, Endpoints (Devices)

Across Clouds: Shadow Hunter

  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud – SQL, Servers VM’s, IoT (Internet of Things), Network, Apps, Containers.

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Microsoft Defender for Cloud and Microsoft 365 Defender

As threats continue to become more complex and sophisticated, it becomes more difficult for cyber security teams to maintain their security posture, especially in hybrid and multicloud environments. Along with an automated and integrated extended detection and response (XDR), Microsoft Defender is crucial to securing your organization against threats to identity, endpoints, data, apps and infrastructure.

Microsoft 365 Defender can be used for all internal to cloud threats such as malware and desktop viruses. Microsoft Defender for Cloud assists with managing across cloud resources against brute-forcing virtual machines. Implementing these XDR tools in your environment can assist in detecting attacks on critical infrastructure. These tools also can be used to help respond to and eliminate cyber threats in the environment.

Microsoft Sentinel

Microsoft Sentinel, in addition with these XDR tools, can be used to help provide complete logs of security data spanning across on-premises, on-premises to cloud, and cloud infrastructures. Using Microsoft Sentinel as your SIEM to gather large amounts of security data compliments both Microsoft 365 Defender and Defender for Cloud. Microsoft Sentinel provides your organization with a powerful and robust detection and response solution when used with the Defender products.

OCG-Facilitated Immersion Workshops

Looking for further understanding of Microsoft’s XDR solution with Microsoft 365 Defender and Defender for Cloud? Oxford Computer Group can facilitate Microsoft’s Immersion workshops, Into the Breach and Shadow Hunter, so your team can gain understanding of the power of Microsoft’s XDR solution in a fun and engaging way.