Identity Summit 2016: Presentations and Movies

From MIm to MFA and from Intune to PAM, our fourth annual summit in REdmond was a success

Microsoft-campusOur 2016 Identity Summit – the fourth we’ve held at the Microsoft Campus in Redmond – was a great success, and the slide decks of presentations are ready for public viewing now. We also have many movies of the presentations available including Alex Simons’ highly rated keynote.

We chose Identity Without Boundaries as the title of this year’s Summit. This is a reference to the ubiquitous presence of identity in IT, and also to the fact that the traditional corporate firewall (boundary) is no longer an effective way of controlling access to data and systems. Users want access to their data from wherever they are, and on various devices – and the only way to control access is by understanding who they are, and the environment they are in (and being confident that they are who they say they are, of course).

As in previous years, delegates got to hear the very latest news and information directly from Microsoft, OCG and our partners, plus interesting case studies spanning different verticals.

The news was delivered in spades this year, and we could not have asked for better speakers.

Half-day Pre-Summit

The Summit kicked off with a half-day program of short, punchy sessions on key technologies including ATA, RMS, MFA, and PAM, as well as some things that were not TLAs, such as RBAC and attestation/certification.

Ask the expertsA popular beer and pizza session followed during which a team of experts, led by Microsoft’s Mark Wahl, were grilled by the assembled crowds (this was a doubly appropriate term as the air-conditioning failed to keep up with the heat generated by the combined brain-power in the room).

identity summit 2016 presentations

A Tale of Two Alexes

The two main days of the Summit both started triumphantly, thanks to excellent keynote presentations by Microsoft’s two Alexes.

On Day 1 Alex Simons gave a characteristically enthusiastic and interesting keynote, in which he covered the vast capabilities of Azure AD and more.

On Day 2 Alex Weinart gave a very different, but no less captivating, presentation in which he explained how Microsoft and Azure Identity Protection keeps our data safe by continuously learning from 1.3 billion authentications per day, and automatically rejecting or escalating an incredible number of them. Fascinating stuff! As one delegate wrote on the feedback form “my only criticism was that it didn’t last longer.”

Case Studies, Presentations, and More

Delegates have told us in previous years just how much they value case studies, and our 2016 program included valuable insights from the State of Indiana, Washington State University, and Yes PREP Public Schools. “Really good to hear these real world experiences, and how OCG and MS addressed them!”

We also had detailed and valuable presentations by Microsoft product groups and partners on products and solutions spanning key areas of identity, access, governance, and security. Check out these recordings of the presentations:

NDA Session

The grand finale was a NDA session in which Microsoft presented non-public information. This session was extremely well received, and here is just one of many positive comments on the feedback form: “Outstanding content and delivery. Extremely relevant.”

A Big Thank You

I’d like to thank again everyone that contributed – all the speakers and delegates, of course, but also the sponsors who helped to make the Summit possible: Microsoft, IDdriven, SoftwareIDM, and OCG Learning.

It was noticeable that pretty much everyone stayed right through to the last presentation at the Summit – a great indicator that people felt they were getting great value out of it. And we were delighted that 90% of delegates who responded to our survey recommend attending the Summit.

Powerpoints of all sessions

Learning Sessions, May 24, 2016

Day 2, May 25, 2016

Day 3, May 26, 2016