You already use cloud, so why not go truly hybrid?

Sync your on-prem identities with your cloud services to free up resources and ensure security

“We aren’t ready for the cloud” is a refrain we hear often from our customers. And yet a little more digging usually reveals they are actually already using cloud services in their organization. They’re just not connected, not truly hybrid.

There seems to be a disconnect (forgive the pun) in enterprise IT; that is, people are anxious to improve their on-premises identity management but are not joining this up with the cloud services that they’re using. Whether it is Salesforce or other CRM, expense reporting, financial systems, FAXing or any of the many other SaaS services that we find installed in our customers’ systems, there is a darn good chance you’ll find cloud-based SaaS in your organization too. And that means another place storing identities and passwords. Identities and passwords of people working in your business.

Is that something you want? Really? Think of all those unmanaged account/password combinations for those cloud services that might be found on a sticky-note on the bottom of the keyboard. That’s a monumental security risk.

Connect your on-prem identities with cloud services

It’s possible to connect your on-prem identities with your cloud services, and in doing so considerably reduce the risk of attack. You’ll reduce the time employees spend resetting passwords they’ve forgotten on all those SaaS apps, too. While you’re at it, why not add a little multi-factor authentication and make security tighter still? And when an employee leaves, you can automate de-provisioning from all those SaaS apps. It’s possible to do all this quite easily using Azure Active Directory for identity-as-a-service, by syncing your on-prem and cloud identities to create a truly hybrid identity environment. Connected.

Many of our customers are now seeing the value of making this connection; it’s streamlined, secure and easy to manage. It opens lots of doors for users and IT teams, and closes just as many doors for hackers.

Getting it right is a big deal, so get some information, some facts. Let Oxford Computer Group be your independent guide.