Securely manage mobile devices and access

You want to keep your employees connected, productive and secure, ensuring only the right people have access to your data, right? You need an enterprise mobility solution.

An anytime, anywhere workforce is all very well in theory, but in practice it’s not so easy to implement in a hybrid world. There are so many moving parts! So many opportunities for data breach and downtime.

Relax. OCG has done it before. We will plan, design, build, deploy, and support the enterprise mobility solution you need.


Our solutions use Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S) – a comprehensive package of technologies including Azure Active Directory Premium, Microsoft Identity Manager, Microsoft Intune, and Azure Rights Management. These technologies work seamlessly together and will combine elegantly with your existing Microsoft investments to ensure all the moving parts work in sync.

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Mobility solutions

Are you feeling this pain?

  • Great expectations My users demand BYOD
  • Inflexibility My existing policies about using devices are a barrier to the workforce
  • Out of control My users are finding  their own way to use devices to access corporate data
  • Data at risk! The thought of data loss through all those unmanaged devices is keeping me awake at night!
  • Lack of expertise My IT team doesn’t have the skills to implement all the changes I need to make
  • Limited budget It’s going to cost more than I have in budget!

An enterprise mobility solution will bring these gains

  • Increased productivity Give employees consistent access wherever they work and they can achieve so much more
  • A satisfied workforce Staff who use their own devices work faster and can collaborate more effectively
  • Control! You’ll be able to identify who has access to what and from where at any time
  • Security Sensitive data and corporate assets can be protected at all times. And if a device is lost or stolen, you can wipe its data remotely
  • Competitive advantage With all the moving parts in place you’ll be able to respond swiftly and easily to changing conditions in your marketplace
  • Easy administration Provision and enroll devices swiftly and automatically. In many cases users can enroll themselves!

Hybrid identity and access

Users expect appropriate and secure access to your systems from anywhere and when you put identity at the heart of your infrastructure, it’s possible!

We make it happen through unified application management both on-premises and in the cloud. With Azure we can provide single sign-on from one place for software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. We can add self-service functionality to request access to applications or to change credentials, and can enrich the service by integrating with on-premises identity management solution.

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Device management

The mobile device revolution is inescapably here and the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) world is presenting new challenges to IT departments.

The risk of an employee losing their smartphone or leaving the company with gigabytes of your data stored on their device is a security nightmare. With rock solid management strategies linked to cloud services, access anywhere and anytime is possible. Your IT team will be hailed as enablers, making it all ‘just work’ exactly as people want it to.

We make it sound so easy and when it’s up and running, it is. But it can be very hard to know where to start. Fortunately, we know exactly what to do.

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Information protection

How can you meet the device-driven needs of users without compromising sensitive information?

If a user’s device is lost or stolen then the biggest problem should be the cost of replacing the device, not the fallout from valuable data being exposed. Imagine if you could protect data at rest within your environment, and on the move on both corporate and personal devices, and set policies for data access based on what type of data, who, where, and how secure the device is. It’s possible to do this efficiently, setting policies centrally to manage access and usage, and we can help you do it.

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Where to start

Take EM + S for a test drive

Discover the capabilities of EM+S with a pilot solution. Take the technology for a test drive in your live environment! In just FIVE days, you’ll get:

  • Half-day planning session with an expert technical consultant
  • Azure Active Directory Premium for 25 users
  • Five devices enrolled with Microsoft Intune
  • Azure RMS for 25 users

PLUS you get access to experts to maximize the value of EM+S!


Discover what’s possible

Take the first steps on the road to enterprise mobility with a discovery workshop. You’ll discover what’s possible, and we’ll discover how – specifically – we can help you.

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