Finding a resource like Oxford Computer Group is uncommon. They are credible and experienced in the identity space. Without OCG, we couldn’t have done what we’ve done so far.

Rich R, System Architect, Louisiana

We’ve used Azure to change the culture at Hearst. We’re getting people to look ahead and see IT as an enabler, not a barrier.

Chris S, Director of Cloud Programs, Hearst, New York

I appreciate all of Oxford Computer Group’s assistance in getting our Microsoft Intune environment running smoothly. At O’Dea High School we rely on community partners to expedite the use of cloud technology, and Oxford Computer Group proved their dedication to our community by stepping in to help us. Because of their help deploying Intune we are now able to easily manage all devices within the environment for a more secure and flexible organization.

Terrence Williams, Director of Technology, Washington

OCG has very reliable and professional identity consultants. It really helps that they have a good understanding of the education sector. We appreciate their conservative project estimates, their fair billing practices, and their highly technical and courteous engineers. We highly recommend Oxford Computer Group.

Pierre M, Identity and Access Manager, Louisiana

I get a lot of knowledge from OCG. It’s not just another piece of software we’re rolling out, this is a big deal and will set us up for the future to continue to protect our documents our people and everything that’s important to us. It’s great working with OCG because, literally, you wrote the book on this stuff! 

Josh C, Nebraska

OCG stood head and shoulders above the competition for breadth of experience, skills and knowledge.

Bill O, Washington

We chose Oxford Computer Group because they are the only game in town in my opinion. We continue to use OCG because we know the people and like the people; they’re very knowledgeable. They know their stuff and are just a really great company to work with.

Patrick, Illinois

You guys are the best at what you do.

James W, Georgia

I am so very thankful for the great staff at Oxford Computer Group and your continuing support through our many projects. You guys have the magic touch.

Jacob B, Michigan

With Oxford Computer Group we can see the roadmap to the future. The information we receive is amazing. Identity management using Microsoft is all we really do, it’s a one-stop solution for us. I choose Oxford Computer Group because it’s the premier for solution-providing in identity management. Their reputation and the technical expertise that they bring; they’re the leader, they’re the obvious choice.

Gary L, IT infrastructure architect

We continue working with Oxford Computer Group because we have a history of success. The three engagements that we’ve had have been very successful.

Dean G, Washington

With OCG’s support, we were able to find and resolve the issue in very little time. We value this kind of customer support very highly. It meant we avoided a major incident (and me a black eye!) I cannot stress enough at how much these types of actions stand out when choosing vendors for future projects.

David W, IT Service Manager

The OCG consultant was fantastic to work with. I can’t say enough great things!

JerryAnna, Kentucky

Bill [OCG consultant] has really gone above and beyond in helping us with our project. I find it rare these days that people are willing to go outside of their expertise to make sure something will happen, even though it wasn’t their responsibility. If it wasn’t for Bill I can assure you our project would not be getting completed.

Josh C, UX Manager, New York

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