Identity governance is the foundation for a secure enterprise

If you have ever thought…

  • I have no idea where the identity-related risks are, and
    I can’t see identity and access management (IAM) policy violations.
  • We take too long detecting data breaches and remediation is ineffective.
  • We take too long reacting to threats and not enough time on prevention.
  • Compliance is too expensive.
  • Segregation of duties policies are not effectively enforced.
  • Manual and cumbersome attestation processes are
    hampering our GRC (what does this stand for?) efforts.
  • For compliance purposes, we have no way to audit user access, or provide identity forensics.
  • User provisioning and user access controls are inefficient and ineffective.

…an identity governance solution will help!

An identity governance solution will help your organization comply with regulations, guard against fraud & identity theft, and react quickly to threats.

We can design, build, and deploy a comprehensive, enterprise-wide identity governance infrastructure so that your organization can effectively balance identity risk. We can either conduct an identity governance assessment of your whole enterprise, or we can review specific applications such as Office 365 or IaaS/PaaS environments such as Azure.

You’ll get all of this:

  • A current view of the overall effectiveness of your enterprise identity environment
  • Make better business decisions using a risk-based, threat- aware, intelligence-driven identity analytics engine
  • Reduce audit costs and the chance of nasty surprises with automated analytics
  • Users get timely, appropriate, and policy-compliant access to corporate resources
  • Risk-based access approvals
  • Preventative Segregation of Duties – automatically deny access requests when they conflict with SoD policies
  • Manage identity risk across the enterprise
  • Near real-time remediation of risk and policy violations

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Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance

Ensuring strong security and compliance is key to any organization's successful digital transformation. Microsoft 365 offers a comprehensive set of capabilities and intelligence that will protect your entire enterprise.

Many business aren’t prepared when it comes to the security of their IT systems. Unfortunately, security breaches are common and can have devastating effects on a business. Is your company secure?

Microsoft 365 (which includes Office 365, Windows 10, and EM+S) offers a complete, intelligent solution that empowers users to work together, securely.

Our experience with hundreds of clients has shown us that many organizations do not fully take advantage of the Office 365, Windows 10 and EM+S licenses they have already paid for. In other cases, organizations are paying for security controls that can easily be addressed by their existing Microsoft licenses, so they end up paying twice for security services.


Get secure using Microsoft 365:

  • Identity & Access Management: Protect users’ identities and control access to resources
  • Threat Protection: Protect against threats and recover quickly when attacked
  • Information Protection: Confirm documents and emails are seen only by authorized people
  • Security Management: Gain visibility and control over security tools
  • Compliance: Meet the requirements of regulators and legal authorities