Oxford Computer Group can help you design, build, and deploy a comprehensive, enterprise-wide identity governance solution so that your organization can effectively balance identity risk.

In today’s hyper-connected world, the threat surface is expansive. Each access point is a possible point of exposure. To counter these threats, OCG implements solutions that control access to applications and data with automated identity governance.

We’ve helped our customers streamline their compliance processes after struggling though labor-intensive audits. And, if an auditor finds a deficiency in your security processes, we can help you implement solutions to remediate the issue.

For our customers in highly regulated industries, like finance and healthcare, we help architect and implement solutions that meet compliance requirements while ensuring security and user productivity.

First, we conduct an identity governance assessment, encompassing your whole enterprise or focused on specific applications. We’ll get a current view of the effectiveness and security of your identity environment, and create a strategic start and prioritized roadmap forward.

What Can an Identity Governance Solution Provide?

  • Strengthened security by reducing access abuse
  • Improved business decision making using a risk-based, threat-aware, intelligence-driven identity analytics
  • Reduced audit costs and streamlined audit processes
  • Improved productivity and collaboration with timely, appropriate, and policy-compliant access to corporate resources
  • Risk-based access approvals
  • Preventative Segregation of Duties to automatically deny access requests when they conflict with set policies
  • Easier management of identity risk across the enterprise
  • Near real-time remediation of risk and policy violations

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Identity Governance is Key to a Secure Enterprise

If an organization cannot manage access to applications and sensitive data, they are at risk for fraud, audit failure, and security data breaches.

In order to protect against threats, an Identity Governance strategy should enable an organization to answer these questions:

  • Who has access to what resources?
  • Which users should have access to which resources?
  • What are those users doing with that access?
  • Are there effective organizational controls for managing access?
  • Can auditors verify that the controls are working?

Operational efficiency is key here, whether it’s ensuring those controls don’t get in the way of users, as well as driving costs out of the audit process.

Identity Governance in Microsoft Entra ID Governance

Entra ID Governance can help keep auditors happy while ensuring user productivity across the multicloud.

Microsoft Entra ID Governance allows organizations to easily give users proper access and security to resources. It does this while providing an audit trail and without impeding rapid provisioning and deprovisioning of users.

Using Entra ID Governance, Oxford Computer Group can help you secure, monitor, and audit access to data and resources.

With Entra ID Governance you can:

  • Govern the identity lifecycle with automated, policy-based provisioning and de-provisioning for employees and partners
  • Govern the access lifecycle with capabilities like entitlement management, dynamic groups, policy and role management, and access reviews.
  • Govern privileged access using privileged identity management (PIM) to control privileged admin roles across Azure.




Saviynt is a comprehensive Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) solution. Saviynt’s broad integration with Microsoft Azure allows Oxford Computer Group to deliver governance solutions more efficiently and with more flexibility to support changing business, regulatory, and security requirements.

Saviynt has the unique ability to manage entitlements at the fine-grained level, guided by usage and behavior analytics to deliver a robust and intelligent access request and certification solution. With built-in support for continuous compliance management, SOD analysis & remediation, privileged access & role governance, Saviynt provides a best in class IGA 2.0 solution that addresses complex security and compliance needs.

In both 2018 and 2019, OCG won Saviynt’s Impact Partner of the Year award.


WEBINAR: Attestation Campaigns with SAVIYNT


Delinea’s Secret Server a full-featured Privileged Account Management (PAM) solution available both on-premises and in the cloud. It empowers security and IT ops teams to secure and manage all types of privileged accounts and offers the fastest time to value of any PAM solution.

Get up and running fast with solutions for privileged account discovery, turnkey installation and out-of-the-box auditing and reporting tools. Secret Server gives security and IT ops teams the agility to secure and manage all types of privileges, protecting administrator, service, application, and root accounts from cyber attack.

Secret Server works the way you work, starting with the most rapid deployment in the industry and giving you direct control to customize as you grow.


Compliance Solutions

As organizations grow and technology changes, users need access to additional resources. Unfortunately, access is often given without adequate security policies in place.

To prevent data breaches and meet compliance requirements, organizations need to provide the right balance of productivity for users internally and externally while assigning appropriate security to resources.

OCG can help you meet compliance requirements and navigate the constantly changing regulatory environment.

We leverage solutions from Microsoft, Saviynt, and other technology partners to make sure you’re compliant with national and industry-specific requirements governing data use.

Our compliance certifications and credentials include:

  • SOC 2 Type 1soc 2 type 1 badge png
  • PMP
  • ITILv4 Foundation


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