Creating Efficient and Successful Attestation Campaigns with Saviynt

Many organizations in highly regulated industries struggle with time-consuming, manual attestation processes that may produce incomplete results. Saviynt gives you the ability to efficiently automate attestation campaigns based on your organization’s audit requirements.

When it’s time for your organization to run an attestation campaign, how do you ensure the campaign runs smoothly and produces reliable results? Campaigns with the best intentions can still be inefficient and lack accuracy if prerequisites are not gathered and reviewed correctly.

In this webinar recording presented by OCG Senior Architect Tim Watson, learn how Saviynt analytics can review and remediate the data needed to fulfill audit requirements. Tim discusses key steps to take when setting up campaigns, including:

  • Ensuring all accounts and entitlements will be captured in the campaign
  • Verifying communications to Campaign owners and certifiers are operational
  • Ensuring users involved in the Campaign to have proper rights in Saviynt
  • Remediating entitlements when users are removed during a campaign

These capabilities not only bring together a successful attestation campaign, but provide additional control over your organization’s identity and access needs.

Creating Efficient and Successful  Attestation Campaigns View the recording now!