An identity and access management solution will secure your organization's IT on-premises, in the cloud or hybrid

With a carefully designed and implemented identity and access management solution at the heart of your IT infrastructure, you can meet users’ demand for a seamless experience across multiple channels.

You’ll be able to manage digital identities and related information, enhance security, increase productivity, comply with statutory regulations, and lower your costs. Without it, new business or technical initiatives may prove difficult or impossible to implement.

At Oxford Computer Group we have award-winning expertise in this highly specialized field.

We have helped organizations of all sizes across the globe manage millions of identities. Our technical consultants and architects know the technologies intimately and will optimize them to ensure that your solution brings your organization immediate and long-term business benefits.

Identity & Access in a nutshell

Our solutions

Simplify and synchronize your enterprise systems


  • your organization has many users of many different types
  • keeping identity and access details up-to-date is a huge and costly task
  • you have lots of different IT systems, with custom builds or legacy technologies
  • users have multiple IDs and logins
  • your helpdesk spends too much time on password management
  • user productivity is hampered by password and logon problems
  • you need to provide secure access while maintaining ease of use
  • you require stringent audit and reporting for compliance purposes

…we can create the identity management solution you need.

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“Bill [OCG consultant] has really gone above and beyond in helping us with our project. I find it rare these days that people are willing to go outside of their expertise to make sure something will happen, even though it wasn't their responsibility. If it wasn't for Bill I can assure you our project would not be getting completed.”

Joshua CarlsonUX Manager at Pall Corporation

Identity: who's there and who's who

Managing the lifecycle of a digital identity is far from simple. Typically, digital identities and access entitlements are required in many directories and data stores. It’s hard work creating these entries, keeping them in sync with each other and then removing or disabling them when required. At best it’s expensive and time-consuming. At worst it’s seriously risky as an organization may fail to comply with regulations or suffer security breaches.

New working practices, services on demand, and proliferation of cloud platforms make improved governance more vital than ever. Organizations now demand identity services to support these changes.

An efficient and effective identity management platform reduces costs by providing a single foundation for all core identity services. You gain a single view and point of management of a user across multiple systems even if those systems were historically disparate, with manual processes.

Its strong authentication tools work seamlessly with end-to-end lifecycle management of smart cards and digital certificates. Suddenly security and compliance is easy because now you can enforce and track identities across the whole organization. And by providing people with self-help tools to manage routine tasks, like changing passwords or resetting PINs, you’ll see the costs of your helpdesk plummet!

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Cloud identity and access

With the proliferation of cloud apps, life can get complicated for users with lots of credentials and locations to remember. One well-managed identity for each user, irrespective of the IT landscape that user operates in, must be the Holy Grail!

Azure Active Directory (AAD) offers one identity repository to support many cloud applications, supporting single sign-on and access to many cloud applications from one location. Within AAD there is an identity and access management console – from where cloud applications and user accounts can be managed and users can be assigned access to cloud applications. This can be integrated with your on-premises directory, with a single set of identities for management provisioning (and deprovisioning), and a common set of groups being used to define which users can have access to what.

Organizations already running Microsoft Office 365 may already have access to the service but may not be using it. Let us get you there! We have already provisioned seven million seats into this directory service, so if you need help with this, rest assured we’ve got the know-how, tools and good advice.

Increasingly, identity and cloud are inextricably linked!

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Switch on with hybrid identity!

Directory services

Unless your Active Directory makes sense you have no chance of creating the secure, flexible infrastructure your enterprise needs.

Our directory services solutions are based on Windows Server Active Directory (AD) and its extension in the cloud, Azure Active Directory (AAD).

Using Active Directory enables organizations to centrally manage and track information about users and their privileges. Windows Server 2012 Active Directory Domain Services is the latest release and we can help you make that step from a directory service designed for on-premises delivery of services to one suitable for hybrid IT.

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Where to start

Talk to us! Call us today on + 1 877 862 1617 and let’s discuss where you are now and where you want to be.

Generally we start our engagements with a discovery workshop at which we examine your current infrastructure and find out what it is you’re trying to achieve. We can reveal ways an identity and access solution will benefit your organization.

Our infrastructure architects will design, build, and create your IAM solution to meet your precise needs, testing at every stage.

We will customize the technologies to fit your business right now and with an eye on the future.

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The many benefits of well-managed digital identity

  • Security You can be confident that the right people will have appropriate access to the data they need
  • Cost savings Automation eases the burden on IT staff and helpdesk. Now they can spend their time on more rewarding tasks
  • Compliance Meet statutory requirements effectively
  • Efficiency Your users will love you! Single sign-on, self-service password reset and other self-service features makes for simple access to the systems users need!
  • Device happiness Users can work from the devices they love – while you have confidence in their security
  • Speed Provision and de-provision users in a timely fashion

The technology

We use the world’s most popular technologies from Microsoft to develop infrastructure solutions.

We use Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager (FIM/MIM), Windows Azure, Windows Server Active Directory, and many others to construct systems that work seamlessly across your enterprise.

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