What is Identity Governance?

An effective Identity Governance strategy should enable an organization to answer these key questions:

  • Which users should have access to which resources?
  • What are those users doing with that access?
  • Are there effective organizational controls for managing access?
  • Can auditors verify that the controls are working?

Operational efficiency is key here, whether it’s ensuring those controls don’t get in the way of users, as well as driving costs out of the audit process.

Streamline identity, management, and governance of apps and resources with Microsoft Entra ID Governance - on-premises and in the cloud!

Microsoft Entra ID Governance is a comprehensive identity governance solution that can be integrated with many applications using standards such as OpenID Connect, SAML, SCIM, SQL and LDAP. 

ID Governance brings together the world-class identity and access components of Azure Active Directory with advanced tools for identity governance. Machine Learning capabilities can help you meet compliance requirements with access review recommendations, automated identity lifecycle management tasks, and access provisioning.

It’s easy to deploy, and with a new comprehensive dashboard showing the current state of your organization’s identity governance, it’s easy to manage, too. You can also implement Entra Verified ID to securely verify users’ identities, certifications, or work status before granting access.

What are some common use cases for Entra ID Governance?

Use cases for ID Governance shift depending on your organization’s business goals and requirements – including compliance considerations. Examples include:

Improve Production with Entitlement Management

Microsoft Entra ID Governance provides a robust set of entitlement management capabilities that can help you manage access to resources across your organization. You can use it to manage access to applications, groups, and other resources. With entitlement management, you can automate employee, supplier and business partner access to app and services – in the cloud, on-premises – at enterprise scale. Entitlement management helps ensure that people have access when they require it while eliminating manual and cumbersome approval processes. 

Strengthen Security with AI-Driven and Standard Access Reviews

ID Governance provides access review capabilities that can help you ensure that users have the right level of access to resources, based on automated insights. You can use it to review access on a regular basis and make sure that users have only the access they need. Access Reviews help organizations reduce risk from access abuse by periodically reviewing access to resources and producing auditable results. 

Privileged Identity Management

ID Governance’s privileged identity management capabilities can help you manage privileged access across your organization. You can use it to manage privileged accounts and ensure that users have only the access they need. 

Automate the Identity Lifecycle

With ID Governance’s HR-inbound lifecycle workflows you can automate the employee identity lifecycle from onboarding to offboarding. You can create an identity through a signal from an HR system, quickly update access as needed, and confidently remove access when the employee leaves. Automation of the employee identity lifecycle ensures data security, reduces errors, and allows new hires to hit the ground running.

Verified ID checks in Entitlement Management

Microsoft Entra ID Governance can be integrated with Microsoft Entra Verified ID in order to incorporate Verified ID checks into your access request management workflow. For example, if any employer requires a training certificate to be onboarded to a particular new project, you can configure access packages with Verified ID requirements instead of manually reviewing certificates. This streamlined onboarding process will save time and improve security by removing human errors and lowering the risk of unauthorized access.

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