Using Microsoft Entra Verified ID for Identity Proofing of Partners, Customers, and Employees

Learn how Microsoft Entra Verified ID can provide continuous identity proofing for individuals interacting with your organization.

When dealing with hybrid work scenarios and large distributed organizations, confirming who you are engaging with becomes ever more critical. One way to ensure the identity and/or role of an individual is with the use of Verified IDs. These digital IDs can verify criteria such as employment, identity, or certifications.

In this webinar recording, we examine common use cases for Verified IDs, including improved proofing for onboarding, help-desk scenarios, and partner engagement.

OCG Principal Architect Mark Riley also covers:

  • Introduction to Microsoft Entra Verified ID
  • What does proofing do? What doesn’t it do?
  • Using Verified ID for various rules
  • How does Verified ID improve your organization’s security?

Using Microsoft Entra Verified ID for Identity Proofing View the recording