Azure AD Identity Governance (IGA): Secure Identities and Improve Compliance

Azure AD Identity Governance can help keep auditors happy while ensuring user productivity.

As organizations grow and technology changes, users need access to additional resources. Unfortunately, access is often given without adequate security policies in place. To prevent data breaches, organizations need to provide the right balance of productivity for users internally and externally while assigning appropriate security to resources.

Azure AD Identity Governance allows organizations to easily give users proper access and security to resources. It does this while providing an audit trail and without impeding rapid provisioning and deprovisioning of users.

In this webinar recording, learn how to get your organization started with Azure AD Identity Governance. OCG Senior Architect Nathan Mertz discusses and demonstrates:

  • Entitlement Management
  • Azure¬† AD access reviews:
    • Manage group memberships
    • Access to enterprise applications
    • Role assignments

Who should view this webinar? Organizations that use Azure AD with AD Groups and/or Azure Applications, especially IAM and IGA managers, technical leads/staff, HR application owners, etc.

Security Identities and Improve Compliance with Azure AD Identity Governance View the recording now!