Supercharge Azure RMS with Azure Information Protection – webinar

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Classification of data is a difficult task, and due to the vast number of places where content can be stored it sometimes looks insurmountable. Properly classified data can strengthen a DLP policy and keep your organization’s content out of the wrong hands. Microsoft’s Azure Information Protection is a new product that enables automated and end user classification of data.  This new product has integration with Azure Rights Management, enabling the protection of documents that meet a certain classification or criteria.

Chris Lloyd OCG
OCG’s Chris Lloyd will present

Azure Information Protection allows you to classify and protect your organization’s data. Our webinar, presented by OCG Identity and Mobility Architect Chris Lloyd will cover:

  • Azure Information Protection functionality and its components
  • How you can integrate Azure Information Protection with your existing business processes
  • Integrating Azure Information Protection with Azure Rights Management

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DATE Thursday, September 29, 2016
TIME 9am PST | 12noon EST | 5pm UK | 6pm Western Europe
DURATION 45 minutes

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