Getting Control Over Groups with Access Panel

This webinar is the last in a four-part series demonstrating how Identity Panel Suite can replace MIM when the time is right, and provide many additional benefits in the meantime. This webinar covers Access Panel, the governance component of the Suite.
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Access Panel provides flexible management for all your groups in any connected system.

Directory groups are vital for managing security, and yet the management of them is often somewhat informal. Microsoft Entra and Azure AD have done much to improve the situation with dynamic groups and access reviews – but this still leaves gaps.

Access Panel, part of Identity Panel Suite, allows flexible management and reviewing of groups in any connected system, including on-premises Active Directory as well as Azure Active Directory. Access Panel provides application owners with reports, approval tracking, escalation and other, more advanced governance mechanisms.


Access Panel can be readily configured for such solutions as:

  • Dynamic groups with exceptions
  • Self-service requests for access to systems, with various approval mechanisms
  • Access reviews for built-in AD groups
  • Formal management of permissions in any connected system

As part of the Identity Panel Suite, Access panel is cloud-based by design, with built-in, pervasive security.

In this 30-minute webinar (the last of four about Identity Panel Suite) Oxford Computer Group Founder Hugh Simpson-Wells will provide an overview of what Access Panel does. He will also demo it in action.

Who should attend this webinar? Individuals responsible for identity management systems including Azure Active Directory, ADFS, MIM, and Azure AD Connect.

DATE Tuesday, June 13, 2023
TIME 8am PST | 11am EST | 4pm UK | 5pm Western Europe
DURATION 30 minutes

Getting Control Over Your Groups  June 13th - Register Now!

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