US Summit 2017

Join us at our conference in May 2017: Identity-Driven Security

  • Where: Conference Center, Microsoft campus, Redmond, WA
  • When: 9-11 May 2017
  • Cost: $800 ($650 if you book before 1 April 2017)

Identity and security – overwhelmed by all the options? Can’t see which is the right way to go? Our annual North American Summit returns in the spring. Join us at our two and a half day conference for total immersion in identity and security with industry leaders, technical and business experts. It’s the best identity networking conference that there is! You’ll emerge with clear ideas for a digitally secure and flexible future.

“OCG’s Summit is a highlight event each year. It’s an awesome opportunity to learn … and a preview of the key identity innovations coming from Microsoft. This kind of opportunity only comes around once a year!”

says Alex Simons of Microsoft Corporation


“I always learn something new here. It’s very easy to engage with the people here at Microsoft who also attend this summit, you can ask them lots of questions. There is no doubt we’ll be here next year.”

says Remy de Vries, CTO, ID-driven