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Oxford Computer Training is Oxford Computer Group’s specialist training company.

Our industry-leading training courses cover technologies from the Microsoft identity stack including MIM and Azure AD.

Oxford Computer Training:

  • has more than 30 years’ experience in technical training
  • was commissioned by Microsoft to write identity training courses
  • has trained more than 7,000 people on six continents, including our competitors, and Microsoft
  • tutors are skilled technical consultants with in-depth knowledge of how the products work in the real-world
  • gets “awesome” feedback! Read Evan’s story.

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Our Azure AD training is practical and hands-on

Our Azure AD Connect Masterclass will show you how it works and how it should be configured and maintained. We cover both the ‘easy’ things (installation and configuration using the wizard) as well as ‘harder’ things, like multi-forest configuration and the configuration of single sign-on. Attend our 3-day instructor-led training course in the classroom or by Skype, or study online, self-paced. This training is very popular as a private course.


Our Azure AD training is an exceptionally practical 3-day foundation course. We take you step-by-step through the creation and configuration of a real tenant, which can be yours to keep at the end of the training.

Azure AD course INFO, DATES & PRICES

The Identity Masterclass with John Craddock is a 5-day, live instructor-led event diving deeply into detail. It covers:

  • Authentication protocols and associated trouble-shooting
  • Managing Azure AD using the portals, PowerShell and graph APIs
  • Hybrid considerations including web app proxy, pass-through authentication and AD FS
  • Working with SaaS, WS-federation, OAuth2.0 apps, and supporting WIA apps in a claims environment
  • Enabling B2B and B2C

Identity Masterclass Info, DATES & PRICES

Gain the knowledge to get set up painlessly and swiftly, and maintain the technology in the future. Student feedback about John’s Identity Masterclass is stellar!

Microsoft Identity Manager - MIM and FIM - courses

OCG’s reputation as a consulting practice is founded on our exceptional knowledge of Microsoft identity technologies: Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM), which was Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager (FIM).

If you want the very best MIM training on Planet Earth then attend our courses. You will learn not only the theory, but the best practice. All are available as instructor-led courses in the classroom or via Skype, or you can study MIM Foundation and MIM Advanced as online self-paced courses.

MIM Foundation MIM Advanced MIM Expert

Read rave reviews from Ohio!

Privileged Access Management course

Keep System Admins’ identities secure

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a new security feature in MIM, and our one-day course will teach you how to implement it.

We teach this course in the US and the UK, and privately, too.

DIscover our PAM course

Practical Machine Learning

If you’ve ever wondered: “how can I make the best business use of my organization’s data?” our highly practical data science and machine learning training courses are for you!

Our courses are for analysts, budding and current data scientists, database and BI developers, programmers, power users, DBAs, predictive modellers, forecasters, consultants, and ML/AI engineers.

Written and presented by data scientist Rafal Lukawiecki, these courses are available as private training for IT teams across North America. Rafal will come to you to teach you the fundamental concepts and practical ways to start in data science. He’ll show you:

  • what is really useful and practical
  • how to work fast yet accurately
  • what is theoretical (but still important)
  • the hype to be wary of, and
  • how to avoid common pitfalls

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Ways to study

  • Attend live instructor-led courses in the classroom. Our public course are scheduled in our classrooms in Redmond, WA, and Oxfordshire, UK.
  • Join live classes from anywhere! All you need is an internet connection and we do the rest.
  • Arrange private training for your staff. If you have a number of people to train, then we’ll arrange a private course at a time and location of your choice.
  • Study online. Learn in your own time, at your own pace with the support of a tutor.

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