100% of US students rate John Craddock’s Identity Masterclass as five star training – again!

“It’s definitely worth it”

In October 2019, international identity expert John Craddock came to the US to teach his acclaimed Microsoft Identity Masterclass for the fourth time. As with the three previous courses hosted by Oxford Computer Training – in Edison, NJ, in Baltimore, MD, and in Redmond, WA – 100% of students rated it as five star training.

Excellent! This class was well put together, and right on the money. It helped tie together several loose ends regarding how the new cloud infrastructure and the old on premise infrastructure can be used together to create a both secure and user friendly environment. – Cameron M, IAM, Minnesota

IT professionals from across North America traveled to Redmond WA to attend, and judged it to be “definitely worthwhile, and worth the investment.” Hear more comments from students in this short video:

Devin H, System Operations Supervisor from Washington, said:

The John Craddock Identity Masterclass has definitely already given me ideas for ways that I can change my environment in the future for the better. John Craddock is really great – thorough and complete in his answers.

The class has opened up my eyes even in an area where I felt I had a really good grasp. John has clarified the nooks and crannies. A really great experience.

This course is definitely worthwhile, and worth the investment.

Christopher S, Senior Director from New York, said:

I came to do John Craddock’s Identity Masterclass to learn more of the protocols in-depth, and troubleshooting in-depth. I’ve spent a lot of time at Microsoft Ignite watching some of John Craddock’s sessions which are almost always sold out, and I learned about John’s Masterclass from Oxford Computer Group, who I’ve worked with for the last several years implementing identity management systems.

This course is definitely worth your time and money to invest. The things that you learn here you certainly will not learn by sitting down and trying to figure it out for yourself. John has years of knowledge partnering with Microsoft and it really shows when you take the course.

We’ve learned quite a bit this week including in-depth troubleshooting of protocols and how to deploy services at lightning speed which will help all the companies whose staff have taken part in the Masterclass.

Rich R, IT Systems Architect from New Orleans, said:

I’m very pleased with the training. John’s great! A real good personality, keeps the class engaged, asks questions. Although I’ve seen maybe 60% of what John trains on, he connects all the pieces in the background. How the pieces connect with B2B, and with Azure AD Connect, and different protocols and things that are happening in the background. And it helps you troubleshoot. I’d definitely say check it out – it’s definitely worth it.

Russ K, Systems Engineer from Missouri, said:

John Craddock is extremely knowledgeable on all sorts of legacy and modern authentication protocols, and is able explain them and their advantages/disadvantages with real world example scenarios. I highly recommend this class for anyone that is interested in the subject, beginner or veteran.

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