A Deep Dive into Azure AD’s Modern Authentication Protocols

Do you want to provide a more secure and manageable environment for your apps and identities? Do you want to know more about the processes behind Azure AD’s modern authentication protocols such as OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect?

Managing user identities with modern authentication gives admins numerous tools to secure resources. It also offers more secure methods for identity management in hybrid and on-premises scenarios.

In an Azure AD tenant, you can have B2B users (such as contractors and partners) represented by a second Azure tenant and a federated user that is federated with an organization you trust. And now you can add a Google or Facebook user using a custom sign up flow for B2B users. You can also create an Azure B2C tenant and federate an application with any identity provider.

In this deep dive webinar, OCG Principal Consultant Randy Robb explains how Azure AD and Azure AD B2C utilize modern protocols OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect to provide trusts across multiple security boundaries. He provides a technical look at:

  • The processes involved in modern authentication
  • How modern authentication works in an Azure environment
  • How OAuth and OpenID Connect work in relation to Azure AD
  • Types of applications that can be protected by Azure Tenants
  • Comparisons of B2C, B2B, and Azure AD Modern Authentication processes

If you want to better understand the processes behind modern authentication in order to provide a more secure and manageable environment for your apps and identities, then this webinar recording is for you!

View the recording!

A Deep Dive into Azure AD's  Modern Authentication Protocols View the recording now!