Accelerate to the Cloud with Hybrid Identity

For 14 years, Oxford Computer Group (OCG) has worked with a wide range of clients to rationalize identity management in order to reduce the time and cost of provisioning and deprovisioning users, while at the same time promoting a more secure enterprise.

From On-Premises to the Cloud

Over the last few years our on-premises identity customers have been moving towards the cloud, but their cloud identities have not generally been included in their identity security plans.

Ironically, they end up in the same position they were in years ago: maintaining separate logons for multiple systems, spending more time and money on provisioning and deprovisioning users, and generally having a far less secure approach to managing corporate identities and access to important corporate data assets.

The Need for an Integrated Approach to Cloud and On-Premises Identity

Our sales team and architects now spend quite a bit of time educating our clients about the benefits of an integrated approach to identity. The work we do with on-premises systems now can accelerate clients’ ability to adopt cloud services while at the same time adhering to a rational, secure, and joined-up approach to corporate identities.


A user is a user – they have one identity. It doesn’t matter what data they are trying to access. They may not know whether the system is on-premises or in the cloud. And they couldn’t care less. The same goes for their manager. The manager just wants to be confident that their team can get access to the systems and data that they are entitled to access.

Rationalized Hybrid Identity – Secure, Cost Effective, and Efficient

Once rationalized hybrid identity is up and running, nearly any cloud service or on-premises service can be added to the mix, ensuring that:

  • Only authorized users have access to systems
  • Provisioning and deprovisioning users will continue to occur in an efficient, automated, and predictable manner
  • Anomalous attempts to access corporate systems will be quickly identified and corrective action taken

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