Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics for Healthcare

Cyber security is top-of-mind for IT professionals in the healthcare industry, with good reason: the average cost of a data breach is $3.5 million for a company, and one in five small and medium businesses are targeted in cyber crime attacks.

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) helps organizations identify breaches and insider threats by leveraging behavioral analysis and machine learning algorithms to provide clear, actionable alerts on a simple attack timeline. Unlike other commonly used security products, ATA dramatically reduces the number of false positives and speeds up the time required to investigate likely incidents. Core to ATA is the ability to monitor the behavior of users and devices accessing Active Directory to ascertain whether unauthorized activity is taking place. After establishing behavior baselines ATA looks for irregularities by analyzing the complex relationships between users, their peers, their devices, and the resources they access.

In this webinar recording from December 2015, OCG Senior Consultant Mike Liben discusses the advanced capabilities of ATA and how it differs from traditional defense-in-depth tools such as Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and Antivirus/anti-malware.

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