The Rise of AI Threats: Identity Management

How does AI threaten identity security? What steps can organizations take to decrease risk to identity management systems?

Artificial Intelligence is promoted as a revolutionary technology that transforms business by equipping staff with tools to quickly deliver on tasks and projects. It is beginning to replace some roles in industry entirely, with relatively little notice by customers.

As with any technology, it has a potential dark side. For example, Artificial Intelligence was used to make robocalls in the recent primary election cycle. Cybercriminals are exploring ways to leverage the technology to circumvent corporate cyber defenses.


In this webinar, guest speaker John Howie, Head of Cyber Risk and M&A IT Security at Bayer, will present on the rising threat of AI to identity management systems. Some of the threats John will discuss include: 

  • Using AI to change your likeness in photographs and video calls
  • Creating rich social media footprints with AI to create fake backgrounds
  • Leveraging AI to respond to questions to impersonate people

The Rise of AI Threats: Identity Management View the recording

About John Howie

John Howie is the Head of Cyber Risk and M&A IT Security for Bayer AG. John has over thirty years of experience working in information and communications technology in a variety of industry sectors including financial, telecommunications, entertainment, education and software manufacturing. He was previously the Chief Privacy Officer and Head of Cybersecurity for Huawei Consumer Business Group. Other previous positions include consulting to a premier Hedge Fund, Chief Operating Officer of the Cloud Security Alliance, a global not-for-profit advocacy and industry association, and Senior Director at Microsoft where he managed groups responsible for day-to-day information security technical operations of Microsoft’s core cloud infrastructure.

John is a Visiting Professor at Edinburgh Napier University’s School of Computing, a Research Professor at the University of Arizona, and is a member of the British Council’s Digital Advisory Group. He graduated from Edinburgh Napier University with a BSc (Hons) in Computing, in June 1991, and was awarded the degree of Doctor of Technology (h.c.) in June 2012 from the same.