Hybrid and Cloud Identity with Azure Active Directory

Guest speaker Alexander Pavlovsky, Microsoft Principal Program Manager of Azure Identity, and Chris Lloyd, Oxford Computer Group CTO, present the latest on how to integrate applications for Single Sign-On with Azure Active Directory.

Cloud-hosted and hybrid identities in Azure allow enterprises to take advantage of features such as:

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Passwordless sign-on
  • Conditional access
  • Integration with Cloud Access Security Broker
  • Identity security risk evaluation

Microsoft Azure Active Directory provides organizations with a secure, distributed, load-balanced identity infrastructure. Such features in an on-premises environment can take years to deploy, whereas similar capabilities can be implemented in Azure AD in a matter of days or weeks. Additionally, Azure AD can be leveraged as an identity provider for access to applications.
Hybrid and Cloud Identity with Azure AD View the recording now!

Using Azure AD as the identity control plane frees up resources and improves an organization’s security posture. And, if you’re using Office 365 you already have the core components to enable users to securely access enterprise applications with minimal effort.

In this webinar recording, learn about how to start moving applications to Azure AD for SSO, and the benefits of doing so.

View the recording! 

Hybrid and Cloud Identity with Azure AD View the recording now!