Azure AD Cloud Authentication with John Craddock

Hear international identity guru John Craddock present a webinar about Azure AD cloud authentication options

Azure AD cloud authentication webinar with John Craddock View the recording now!

Azure AD cloud authentication is an important component of John Craddock’s acclaimed Microsoft Identity Masterclass. In this recording of a webinar, first broadcast in September 2018, John covers some key topics and provide answers to questions frequently asked by Masterclass students.

Office 365, corporate applications, or collaborative applications hosted by a partner are just some of the reasons your users may be signing in to Azure Active Directory. When you sign-in to Azure AD, Cloud fault tolerance, scalability and enhanced security are built-in. But:

  • Are you using the best authentication options for your cloud-only and hybrid users?
  • Are you leveraging single-sign-on (SSO) for all your applications and services?
  • Do you know how to strengthen your security through the use of multi-factor authentication, self-service password reset, banned password detection, and conditional access?

Configured correctly, Azure AD offers SSO to applications and services

When a user signs in to Azure AD this is just the start of a cloud journey that, if configured correctly, will provide SSO for the user to a plethora of applications and services. A user may have an account that only exists in the cloud (cloud-only) or an account that is sourced from an on-premises Active Directory and synchronised to the cloud (hybrid-user). The applications and services could be hosted by your own organisation and located on-premises or in the cloud. Alternatively, the application and services may be hosted by a partner organisation or third party SaaS vendor.

We need to architect and deploy solutions that allow own our users and partner users to have SSO access to applications and services regardless of where those services are located. Combine SSO with a wealth of technologies that enhance security, and you will be building identity and access systems for the future, says John Craddock.

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar recording will be invaluable for system admins, identity engineers and architects who need to understand the potential and possibilities of Azure AD.
Azure AD cloud authentication webinar with John Craddock View the recording now!

About John Craddock

A Microsoft MVP, John Craddock has been involved in Microsoft solutions since the early days of Windows. As an identity and security architect, he has worked on numerous IT projects for industry-leading multi-nationals. He is a well-known and acclaimed international speaker, and writer and instructor of the immensely popular Identity Masterclass. Follow John on Twitter! @john_craddock