Microsoft Entra Connect Masterclass from Oxford Computer Training – “a compelling and comprehensive deep dive”

Oxford Computer Training’s Microsoft Entra Connect Masterclass (formerly Azure AD Connect) was developed by an expert team including Andreas Kjellman, formerly MIM and Azure AD Connect Program Manager for Microsoft.

Microsoft Entra Connect is now a key part of a hybrid AD infrastructure. The “out-of-the-box” installation offers quite a few options, and it is important that these are fully understood. But it’s also vital to learn about the additional configurations that are possible.

Find out what you’ll Learn on the Microsoft entra COnnect Masterclass

“The sheer range of capabilities in Azure AD Connect (now Microsoft Entra Connect), as well as the crucial differences between Azure AD Connect and MIM synchronization, have been a revelation to me,” says OCG Worldwide’s CTO James Cowling who was part of the expert team who wrote the course in 2018. “Our Microsoft Entra Connect Masterclass is certainly to be recommended to anyone who is doing anything but the simplest implementation with Microsoft Entra Connect.” Read more about what James has to say here.

The Microsoft Entra Connect Masterclass includes lots of hands-on labs reflecting real-world scenarios, Our Masterclass will give you a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft Entra Connect’s capabilities, and how to implement and support them. The instructor will cover:

  • Everything you can do through the wizard, and then how you can extend that
  • Different authentication options – how you move from one to the other, and how they interact
  • The relationship between Micrsosoft Entra Connect and MIM
  • Microsoft Entra Connect architecture and configuration, understanding and editing rules, and handling errors
  • Scheduling, statistics, basic troubleshooting, high availability, and Microsoft Entra Connect health
  • Managing Microsoft Entra Connect with PowerShell
  • Precedence, provisioning/deprovisioning, joining rules, and transformations
  • Upgrading, backup, restore and recovery options
  • Multi-forest, multi-tenant and non-AD directory scenarios
  • Integrating cloud-based HR systems
  • What’s supported and what’s not
  • And much more!

How to take the 3-day Microsoft Entra Connect Masterclass:

  • Live instructor-led in person in the classroom
  • Live instructor-led via Teams
  • As a private training session for your team, for example, as we did in Amsterdam

Since its ‘first teach’ in June 2018, students from Europe, North America, and Australia have taken the Masterclass and told us what they think. Feedback from students who attended the first US course was amazing:

  • 100% of students rated the instructor as “excellent”
  • 100% of students said they were “happy” or “very happy” with the course

Hailemichael A, Programmer/Analyst said

The class goes into great detail about Azure AD Connect (now Microsoft Entra Connect), and this is not found anywhere in the Microsoft documentation that I have seen so far.The instructor, Hugh, is very good – he has great insight, and hands-on experience. The way he explains it you know he’s been in identity management for a long time. He has a great understanding of the product.

The course will help me in a lot of ways – the most important being what I should and should NOT do. It goes into great detail about what to avoid doing so that I don’t get trapped later on…an insight into the future.

Chris K, System and Support Engineer said

I really enjoyed the Masterclass, and the high quality of the instruction and training materials. The instructor really knows his stuff! I was also very surprised by the depth that is available in Azure AD Connect (now Microsoft Entra Connect) that I wasn’t aware of before. The course will give me a great foundation of knowledge for the future.

Chetan D, Senior Program Manager said

It really solidified my understanding of AADConnect (now Microsoft Entra Connect), how customers use it and what are some of the common issues they run into.

B-J M, Infrastructure Engineer said

I’m always suspicious of “master” classes – they tend to be too simplistic. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the material in this course. There was a lot of information that isn’t commonly available, the labs worked well, 3 days is perfect, and the experience of learning over the internet was excellent. B-J M, Infrastructure Engineer

Sam E, Infrastructure Engineer said

A compelling and comprehensive deep-dive. The instructor, Hugh, commanded a very impressive handle of the subject manner, and answered all questions.

Read more student feedback.

If you’d like to take the Microsoft Entra Connect Masterclass, contact Oxford Computer Training’s Mark Forbes by email or telephone: +1 425-577-6542.