New training course! Azure AD Connect Masterclass

Learn what’s beyond the Azure AD Connect wizard

You can join us in the classroom for 3 days for our Azure AD Connect Masterclass or, if you can’t get to the class physically, join the live class via Skype. You won’t miss a thing! You can also study this Masterclass online, self-paced in your own time!

The training has been written and developed by an expert course writing team: Andreas Kjellman (formerly MIM and Azure AD Connect Program Manager for Microsoft), Jimmy Andersson (MVP Enterprise Mobility), James Cowling (CTO, Oxford Computer Group) and me!

Course details and booking

AAD Connect is now a key part of a hybrid AD infrastructure. The “out-of-the-box” installation offers quite a few options, and it is important that these are fully understood. But it’s also vital to learn about the additional configurations that are possible, and which are supported.

Why? Because having the optimal configuration for your organization will enable you to provide consistent, secure and user-friendly authentication, as well as consistent authorization across on-premises and cloud applications through automated and reliable group management – even in complex environments, and all while minimizing the strain on your administrators and helpdesk staff.

What will you learn on our new Azure AD Connect Masterclass?

Including lots of hands-on labs reflecting real-world scenarios, our Masterclass will give you a comprehensive understanding of AAD Connect’s capabilities, and how to implement and support them. Our expert tutor will cover:

  • Everything you can do through the wizard, and then how you can extend that
  • Different authentication options – how you move from one to the other, and how they interact
  • The relationship between AAD Connect and MIM
  • AAD Connect architecture and configuration, understanding and editing rules, and handling errors
  • Scheduling, statistics, basic troubleshooting, high availability, and AAD Connect health
  • Managing AAD Connect with PowerShell
  • Precedence, provisioning/deprovisioning, joining rules, and transformations
  • Upgrading, backup, restore and recovery options
  • Multi-forest, multi-tenant and non-AD directory scenarios
  • Integrating cloud-based HR systems
  • What’s supported and what’s not
  • And much more!

Book your place on our new AAD Connect Masterclass today! Any questions? Please email us.

View a webinar recording about Azure AD Connect Beyond the Wizard