Azure AD Connect – two popular webinars available to watch on demand

A great many people are keen to learn what’s possible beyond the Azure AD Connect wizard, and how to optimize their Azure AD Connect implementation.

We ran a MIM and Azure AD Connect: Two Sides of the Same Coin? webinar in 2018 as a follow up to our Azure AD Connect: Beyond the Wizard webinar. Both sessions attracted hundreds of registrations, and are available to watch on demand.

Each webinar included an excellent Q&A session thanks to the large number of great questions that were submitted to our expert panel:

  • Andreas Kjellman (formerly MIM and Azure AD Connect Program Manager for Microsoft)
  • Jimmy Andersson (MVP Enterprise Mobility)
  • James Cowling (CTO, Oxford Computer Group), and there was an excellent Q&A session

MIM and Azure AD Connect: Two Sides of the Same Coin? webinar

Are you interested in transferring your MIM skills to Azure AD Connect? Do you want to learn more about how to optimize your Azure AD Connect implementation?

MIM & Azure AD Connect Webinar: WATCH ON DEMAND

This webinar focused on the differences between Azure AD Connect and MIM (including synchronization, configuration, automatic updates, reverse join, soft join, sticky join) – and why they matter. Our expert panel also answered a wide range of questions including…

Any directions on adding custom attributes in AD Connect? Is Global Admin the only role that can configure AAD Connect, or is there any other role? Is setting up another AD Connect running in staging mode the only option to have the backup/DR server ready? What is the best way to handle country code attribute sync? Is it possible to Create Self Service for Attributes in Azure and write them back on premise and, if so, do I have to change something then in AAD Connect?

Azure AD Connect: Beyond the Wizard webinar

Are you thinking about implementing Azure AD Connect? Have you already done an “out-of-the-box” implementation and want to learn about the many other things it can do? If so, don’t miss this webinar.

AAD Connect – Beyond the Wizard Webinar: WATCH ON DEMAND

Following a presentation of what Azure AD Connect can do beyond the wizard, our expert panel answered over 30 questions including…

Do you recommend configuring AAD Connect to auto-update, or should we perform updates manually? Should updates be done regularly or only as certain needed features are made available? Can you run password hash sync but still use ADFS? What is best practice for backing up custom rules?

Azure AD Connect Masterclass training course developed by webinar panel

Want to find out more about Azure AD Connect, and how to optimize your implementation? Find out what you’ll learn on our  Azure AD Connect Masterclass, and hear what students had to say in a short video.

Read more about the Azure AD Connect Masterclass

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