Leveraging Azure Active Directory to Manage Complex Identity Scenarios

Identity management has become a prime focus for many organizations in recent years, and the current global health crisis has shifted the way many organizations view identity. It’s more than just an access mechanism to corporate digital assets – it’s the backbone of a zero-trust security framework. 

Identities can take multiple forms that must be managed in an efficient way and still be aligned with the organization’s security and governance policies:

  • Internal identities: Used by employees and contractors when accessing applications and other resources
  • Partner identities: Often accessing the same resources but with more limited access granted
  • Customer-facing identities: Using identities from other sources to access resources, but needing proofing and authorization by the company

In this webinar recording, learn how Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory Identity-as-a-Service solution can enable organizations to effectively manage all of these complex scenarios. Oxford Computer Group Principal Architect Frank Urena and Principal Consultant Randy Robb discuss:

  • Azure AD External Identities
  • Azure AD B2C (including a demo)
  • Security considerations within your organization when formulating a strategy
  • Identity management and licensing considerations

View the recording!

Leveraging Azure Active Directory for Complex Identity Scenarios View the recording now!