Conditional Access for Rich Clients

How do you keep corporate data safe on home PCs?

The home PC is where many knowledge workers do their job. But home PCs are often used for a variety of functions that may leave them open to infection by malware or spyware looking for corporate data.

Controlling access to data on mobile devices may not be ‘old-hat’, but it is something we in IT have been working with for a while. But what about those rich clients? What about outlook with corporate mail and attachments on your users’ home PCs? What about corporate spreadsheets being edited on that home PC? How do we control that corporate data?

In this webinar recording, OCG Principal Architect Mark Riley provides a look at Conditional Access on Windows PCs. Close the loop and allow your users to access their email and other corporate data, but verify that the machines have the controls you specify – through domain joined fully managed devices, or Windows devices enrolled and protected with Intune. Discover how to pull together the Azure AD domain-join, device registration, and Conditional Access to protect access to sensitive data, while providing the access your users desire.

Want more about this subject? Check out our November 2016 webinar on Conditional Access with Intune and Lookout. 

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