Consolidate to Microsoft Azure Active Directory to Improve Security and Reduce Costs

Is your organization using multiple Identity platforms? Consolidate to Microsoft Azure Active Directory to improve security and reduce costs.

Many organizations that have Microsoft 365 also use a third-party identity solution. However, having two identity stores means that identities are authenticating in multiple places, which can negatively impact security and increase operating costs.

This year many employees had to suddenly be productive and secure while working remotely. Enterprise IT has responded by revisiting the tenets of Zero Trust and taking a hard look at their existing infrastructure and security, especially in the face of skyrocketing attacks on the remote workforce.

Benefits of consolidating include:

  • Reduced costs – save on licensing
  • Reduced complexity in vendor relationship management
  • Improved security posture
  • One cloud-based, robust, easy-to-manage platform

In this webinar recording, Oxford Computer Group Principal Architect Frank Urena discusses the security and practical benefits of consolidating identity management to Azure Active Directory. He will also discuss how you can get your migration started.

Consolidate to Azure Active Directory to Improve Security & Reduce Costs View the recording now!