Demystifying Modern Authentication

Managing user identities with modern authentication gives administrators numerous tools for securing resources and managing identities.

However, the solutions can be complicated, especially when you start to look under the hood and try to untangle the various components, platforms, and definitions involved.


OCG Architect Randy Robb has helped organizations implement a wide variety of authentication projects, ranging from the simple to very complex. In this webinar he shares his expertise and breaks down modern authentication and its components. Randy covers:

    • An overview of modern authentication and its benefits
    • Definitions of relevant terms/capabilities
    • Microsoft’s approach to modern authentication, including Microsoft Entra External ID, Azure AD B2C, and CIAM
    • How Microsoft Entra External ID differs from traditional identity federation
    • Microsoft’s approach vs. other solutions
    • How to get started on your modern authentication journey

Demystifying Modern Authentication View the recording