Education Case Study: Manage Digital Identities in schools with FIM and MIM

Managing the annual churn of digital identities efficiently and securely is a major challenge for schools and universities. Find out how FIM and MIM can help.

“Automating the management of Digital Identity is crucial in our environment” says Andy Swiffin, from the award-winning University of Dundee, Scotland. “FIM/MIM has the power to allow us to build in complex workflows, and has given us the flexibility to cope with everything our institution throws at us!”

The University of Dundee – recently named Sunday Times Scottish University of the Year for the second year running – is making the most of its identity management solution. Check out the webinar recording below to find out how Dundee’s infrastructure architects Andy Swiffin and Ian Swift have done it.

Our CEO Hugh Simpson-Wells talked with Andy and Ian about:

  • The main challenges of managing identity in the education sector.
  • How FIM/MIM helps the University of Dundee to manage the turnover of digital identities efficiently and securely.
  • How, as their knowledge of FIM/MIM has increased, they’ve been able to do even more with their identity management solution.

If you’re in education, or any other sector handling thousands of digital identities each year, check out this case study!

See this webinar Recording now