Enabling Azure AD Premium to Secure the Enterprise

Microsoft Azure provides organizations with a secure, distributed, load-balanced IT infrastructure. And when you add Azure AD Premium, you get additional features to provide security, flexibility, easy administration of Office 365 and third party cloud apps, and the ability to integrate on-premises identities and applications with the cloud.

Moving user accounts from on-premises AD to Azure AD Premium can take considerable effort and planning. Many organizations choose a hybrid approach, allowing user accounts to exist in both AD and Azure AD Premium simultaneously. Creating a strategy to simplify the implementation and management of this hybrid approach while staying productive and maintaining appropriate security is very important.

In this webinar recording, OCG trainer and consultant Paul Captainino discusses strategies help organizations maximize the benefits of Azure AD Premium. He covers:

  • Implementing an Azure ADP subscription in a hybrid and cloud-only environment
  • Sign-on options for a hybrid environment (SSO)
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Securing identities in Azure ADP with Conditional Access, Privileged Identity Management, and Identity Protection

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