Enhancing your Microsoft Identity Platform with Saviynt Express

Future-proof your Identity Roadmap

The products within Microsoft’s identity and security suite offers immense value to organizations looking for a stronger security posture and a secure, frictionless method for users to access enterprise applications. During the course of helping hundreds of organizations to implement a Microsoft identity platform, we’ve learned where it needs a complementary solution to bridge the on-premises world with the cloud.

Enhancing Your Microsoft Identity Platform  with Saviynt Express View the recording now!

Extend MIM and Azure AD with Saviynt Express

In this webinar recording, Diana Volere, Principal Solution Architect at Saviynt, and Chris Lloyd, CTO of Oxford Computer Group show how MIM, Azure AD, and Office 365 can be augmented with Saviynt Express to handle identity, access, and governance scenarios where the Microsoft identity stack requires a complementary solution.

Diana and Chris discuss several scenarios, including:

  • Access requests: End users need a single interface to request access to applications and services. In this webinar, we’ll look at how we can integrate with an existing solution like ServiceNow or leverage the Saviynt platform for risk-based access requests.
  • Group clean-up: At a minimum, the cloud has doubled the number of groups an organization needs to manage. We’ll show you how you can regain control and resolve nested groups, discover groups without owners, and use analytics to propose owners for those groups.
  • Provisioning to non-Microsoft enabled applications: Microsoft has connectors in MIM and Azure AD for a variety of applications but there are many line-of-business, Linux, and Oracle applications that need automation and governance. We’ll demonstrate how we can extend your Microsoft Identity investment to govern these additional applications.
  • Access Certifications: Most of us are familiar with the annual or quarterly access certifications that are required for audit compliance. Many of those certifications suffer from the “rubber stamping” effect and are ineffectual at removing unnecessary access. We’ll explore how we can do risk and event-based certifications on users as they transition through different stages of the identity lifecycle.

Diana and Chris also demonstrate how Saviynt Express extends MIM’s capabilities.

View the recording! 

Enhancing Your Microsoft Identity Platform  with Saviynt Express View the recording now!

About guest speaker Diana Volere: Diana is a Principal Solution Architect with Saviynt and has been a professional in security, identity, and access for almost twenty years. She has spent time in delivery and pre-sales for leading vendors Novell, Oracle and ForgeRock, as well as consulting with Edgile. Diana has architected and driven sales of solutions for global Fortune 500 companies and focused on several industry-specific verticals, with an emphasis on healthcare and financial. Her aptitude for translating complex technology terminology and capabilities to business value and language plays into her passion for bridging the gap between technology and business needs.