Automate the Identity Lifecycle with Microsoft Entra ID Governance

Properly managing user identity lifecycles is an essential component of your organization’s security posture. Additionally, good identity lifecycle management improves productivity by ensuring timely and appropriate access to resources.

Now generally available, Microsoft Entra ID Governance’s Lifecycle Workflows can help you automate, streamline, and enhance various aspects of user lifecycle management. They can also reduce security risks and administrative burdens and errors while improving compliance processes. Efficient management of the user identity lifecycle allows new hires to hit the ground running.

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In this webinar recording, OCG Senior Architect Tim Watson explores the different options and settings that allow you to customize and monitor your Microsoft Entra ID Governance Lifecycle Workflows based on your organization’s needs. Tim covers:

  • Global settings and customization
  • How custom extensions allow workflows to reach external systems
  • How versioning and workflow history can help keep administrators informed
  • Scheduling and troubleshooting

Automate the Identity Lifecycle with Microsoft Entra ID Governance View the recording