Modern Workplace Transformation: Hearst Communications

Microsoft Azure AD and EM+S have united Hearst’s scores of businesses with a centralized digital enterprise, all while enabling IT and improving user satisfaction.

New York City-based Hearst Communications is a mass media and business information conglomerate. They consist of 360 businesses, 7 diverse divisions, 300 publications, 30 television stations, and over 20,000 employees. Hearst needed to centralize IT operations for their many far-flung businesses to improve security, worker productivity and mobility, and to break down data silos in order to achieve their business transformation goals.

With the help of Oxford Computer Group, Hearst transformed into a centralized, cloud-first, mobile-first digital enterprise using more than a dozen features of Microsoft EM+S suite, with Azure AD playing a key part in managing directory services, identity governance, and application access across the organization.

Solution benefits:

  • Fast and efficient Azure SaaS app approval and deployment
  • Advanced Threat Analytics provides a deep, real-time view of the Hearst attack footprint
  • Find and fix performance issues in Active Directory quickly with Azure AD Connect Health
  • One identity and less wasted time with Azure Application Proxy
  • A safeguarded network with Azure AD Identity Protection
  • Reduction of help-desk calls with Azure AD self-service password reset
  • With Azure AD B2B collaboration services, Hearst can give users in newly acquired businesses quick access to resources
  • Growing satisfaction -employees see IT as an enabler, rather than a barrier

We’ve used Azure to change the culture at Hearst,” says Hearst Director of Cloud Programs, Chris Suozzi. “We’re getting people to look ahead and see IT as an enabler, not a barrier.

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