Identity in the Azure cloud for education

Over the last three years, Oxford Computer Group (OCG) has seen an unprecedented interest in and adoption of cloud identity services in the K-12 education market. We have been involved in many of the designs and implementations of these services on the Microsoft Azure Active Directory platform.

Cloud identity is the perfect way to solve the problem of having to build and maintain scalable infrastructures, which are both costly to purchase and complex to implement. By leveraging cloud services, it’s possible to provide advanced services on demand and at reasonable prices. In schools of every kind, every dollar that can be diverted from IT infrastructure to spending on students, teachers and positive educational outcomes, is a fantastic win for everyone.

A single identity for staff and students

A great example of this is our recent project with YES Prep Public Schools, who wanted to create a way to allow students and staff to access all the systems and resources they need with a single identity. Gone are the days of logging in to diverse systems individually. Now, with one login and one password students and staff have everything they need at their fingertips!

Troy Neal from YES Prep and I presented a “case study” of this solution at the Oxford Computer Group Identity Summit in Redmond. View the video (28 minutes, 59 seconds) below.

You can also download the presentation slides here.

It’s not the first time we’ve done this kind of project. We have a long and proud track record of working in education, for example have a look at what we did for the Tennessee Department of Education.

Is your school or school district bogged down with multiple logins to disparate systems? Would you love a single, scalable identity solution? Then call us for advice today. We have significant expertise and experience in working with educational institutions to get very complex systems up and running without fuss. We’ll save you and your users time. We’ll also save your organization money, enabling more to be spent on educating our young people.