Microsoft Identity Masterclass with John Craddock comes to the US

John Craddock presents his Microsoft Identity Masterclass

In partnership with our friends at Oxford Computer Training, John Craddock’s acclaimed 5-day Microsoft Identity Masterclass with John Craddock is now available in the US.

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Designed for experienced IT administrators, the Microsoft Identity Masterclass is a high-energy, action-packed event, crammed with solid information, tips, and more than 35 hands-on labs.

Excellent class; fully packed with information that is spot on, and very useful hands-on labs. We are amazed! John is easy to listen to and has lots of knowledge on the subject! Time well spent!

In 5 days, there’s in-depth coverage of:

  • Authentication protocols and associated trouble-shooting
  • Managing Azure AD using the portals, PowerShell and graph APIs
  • Hybrid considerations including web app proxy, pass-through authentication and AD FS
  • Working with SaaS, WS-federation, OAuth2.0 apps, and supporting WIA apps in a claims environment
  • Enabling B2B and B2C

At the end of the course, attendees will:

  • Understand how the identity solutions offered by Azure Active Directory, on-premises AD FS and AD can help build identity systems for the future using protocols that include OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0
  • Know how to authenticate and provide authorization factors to applications that can be located on-premises or in the cloud

Pre-requisites: This is a deep-dive Masterclass so attendees don’t need to have prior Azure AD experience. But they do need to be able to competently perform day-to-day administrative tasks for on-premises AD and related systems.

John Craddock is a Microsoft MVP, international speaker and identity guru who has been involved in Microsoft solutions since the early days. He is a well-known speaker, and has delivered his Microsoft Identity Masterclass to professionals all over the world.