Take the pain out of Compliance and Audit with SoftwareIDM’s Identity Panel

  • Who was a member of the HR administrators group at 10am on August 14th?
  • What roles did John Smith have in the ERM system on July 22nd?
  • What are Jane Doe’s Office 365 memberships, who authorized them, and when?

Would you like to be able to answer questions like these quickly and easily? And would you like to know immediately if someone changed the production configuration of Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM)? SoftwareIDM’s Identity Panel offers a range of powerful tools to enable you to manage, monitor, and report on your cloud and on-premises identities with ease.

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In this webinar recording, OCG CEO Hugh Simpson-Wells demonstrates Identity Panel’s many capabilities, with a particular focus on features that can help you meet compliance requirements and provide valuable audit information.

As it maintains a continuous history of identity information (for example in HR, AD, and Office 365), Identity Panel has a forensic capability. By allowing you to see key user and group attributes at any point in time, you can determine who had access to what, and (provided the data is available in your systems) who authorized it and when.

Identity Panel has a special relationship with Microsoft synchronization services – FIM, MIM, and Azure AD Connect. Along with capturing the identity information associated with each connected system, it maintains operational and configuration data. This means that you can monitor the health of these services, and also detect configuration changes – changes that may have resulted in unwanted outcomes.

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