Building a secure self-service portal with Azure AD B2C

Intralox used Azure AD B2C to build a secure, self-service portal that customers can access with their own corporate identities.

Headquartered in Louisiana, Intralox is the largest division of Laitram LLC, a manufacturer of food machinery equipment. To help customers evaluate modular conveyor belt systems, Intralox created a tool and corresponding app that runs engineering analyses related to their products. Intralox wanted to give customers easy access to the tool, while protecting its intellectual property.

With the help of Oxford Computer Group, the manufacturer deployed Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) B2C and integrated it with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to validate and authenticate users. Customers sign in using their own work credentials, so accessing the tool is simple and secure.

Azure AD B2C allows us to give our customers self-service tools that make working with us easier, without putting our intellectual property at risk. – Rich Rodemann, System Architect, Intralox


Enabling easy access while protecting IP

To address security and distribution issues, Intralox needed an authentication system that was secure and easy for customers to use, but that didn’t require Intralox to manage external identities.

Intralox chose Azure AD B2C because it met all of their requirements. Customers sign in using Single Sign-on with their corporate account—no need to memorize a new password. External identities are managed by the customer’s identity solution, removing that burden from Intralox IT. And it’s more secure.

With Azure AD B2C customers authenticate using the account provided by their employer. When they quit the company or change jobs, their username and password are no longer valid. This significantly reduces the risk that a non-customer will get access, which was a huge plus for us. – Rich Rodemann

Finding the right partner

Once they chose Azure AD B2C, the Intralox IT team wanted help with implementation. They had experience setting up Azure AD for their internal employees; however, they recognized that managing external identities requires an even greater level of scrutiny.

Given their limited experience with Azure AD B2C, Intralox hired Oxford Computer Group, a Microsoft Gold Partner that specializes in implementing identity and security solutions.

Finding a resource like Oxford Computer Group is uncommon. They are credible and experienced in the identity space. Without OCG, we couldn’t have done what we’ve done so far. – Rich Rodemann


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