Get the Most Out of Your Microsoft 365 Investments

Strengthen security while streamlining IT operations and reducing costs.

Many organizations using Microsoft 365 (M365) productivity tools (formerly the Office 365 suite of products) are under-utilizing the full breadth of functionality provided by the Microsoft 365 E3/E5 licenses. That can lead to higher costs, and potentially leaves the door open for security breaches.

We see underutilized M365 licenses in almost all of our engagements, and we regularly see unnecessary money being spent on third party tools when M365 could be doing the job.


Ask yourself –

  • Are you leveraging Azure AD as your centralized identity provider, providing single sign-on for SaaS (Software as a Service) applications, and taking advantage of the hybrid solutions for on-premises applications?
  • Is your HR-driven identity lifecycle management using third-party solutions (potentially costing thousands of dollars in renewals) for identity provisioning/deprovisioning instead of leveraging the native capabilities available with Microsoft Entra Azure AD?
  • Could your existing identity governance (IGA) use cases, such as attestation, be addressed by Microsoft Entra?

Any “yeses” to these questions? In this webinar recording, Principal Architect Frank Urena shows how the Microsoft Entra suite of identity and security solutions can help you reduce your licensing costs, simplify IT operations, and strengthen your cloud security posture.

Get the Most Out of Your Microsoft 365 Investments View the recording