5 Reasons to Migrate to a Modern Identity Solution with Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Many organizations have been using Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) for single sign-on for a long time. But with more employees working remotely, the frequency of identity-based attacks increasing, and many ISVs focusing on SaaS app development instead of on-premises apps, the benefits of migrating to a cloud-based identity platform have become overwhelming.

For many organizations, ADFS integrated with Microsoft Active Directory (AD) is still the primary identity provider. While ADFS is free to license, there are hidden costs, such as setup, maintenance of servers, support, security planning and the fact that it is pinned on-premises to your AD.

Moving apps to Azure Active Directory increases not only user and data security but allows the IT department to quickly integrate SaaS line of business applications into their security infrastructure – allowing IT to be more responsive to business needs.

In this webinar recording, hosted by Microsoft, Oxford Computer Group Principal Architect Frank Urena discusses the benefits of migrating from ADFS to Azure AD. These benefits include:

  1. Improving your organization’s security posture
  2. Easier single sign-on to thousands of apps, including legacy, SaaS, and third-party apps
  3. Leverage an intelligent cloud-based IaaS solution
  4. Eliminating dependencies on aging on-premises infrastructure
  5. Reduced costs and complexity

5 Reasons to Migrate to a Modern Identity Solution with Azure Active Directory View the recording now!

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