Upgrade from ILM or FIM to MIM: Benefits and Best Practices

What are the benefits of upgrading to Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM)? What are the migration options from FIM 2010 and ILM? What are the pain points, and how can you avoid them? How do prepare for an upgrade to MIM?

In this webinar recording from May 2017, we answer these questions and discuss:

  • How and why MIM enables you to manage your local identities more efficiently and reliably
  • How MIM can help with security and audit compliance
  • What has changed since ILM and FIM 2010 and what is the same
  • In-place upgrade – can you/should you?
  • Integrating MFA with self-service password reset
  • Privileged Access Management
  • SQL Server Reporting (SSRS) reporting
  • Leveraging Azure AD reporting for hybrid reporting
  • The implications of ILM end of support and FIM end of mainstream support

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