How Misconfigured Hybrid Identity Setups Can Compromise Cybersecurity

Misconfigured identity systems, including Microsoft Entra ID and on-premises Active Directory, can provide cyber criminals with the opening they need to successfully breach an organization.

A compromised identity can enable threat actors to breach the identity platform. This can lead to additional damage, tenant destruction, and even loss of control over the Microsoft Entra ID instance.

To secure your hybrid identity system, careful attention must be paid to simplifying authentication and authorization, ensuring administrative least privilege, access reviews, and regularly reviewing activity.


In this webinar, presented by OCG Architect Tim Watson, we examine how misconfigured hybrid identity setups can increase your vulnerable attack surface and lead to compromise of Microsoft Entra ID. Tim looks at common blind spots, including:

  • Complex identity systems
  • Legacy systems
  • Synced service accounts
  • Federated identity services

Tim also discusses best practices for implementing security measures that can help remediate these scenarios.

This session is designed for IT professionals, security analysts, and anyone keen on enhancing their organization’s digital security posture.

How Misconfigured Hybrid Identity Setups Can Compromise Cybersecurity View the recording