Modernize MIM with SoftwareIDM’s Service Panel

Hybrid Microsoft Identity

Most organizations who have Active Directory (AD) and Azure AD also have Azure AD Connect to synchronize on-premises identity data to the cloud, and provide single sign-on. Many also have the Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) synchronization service in place to integrate other on-premises systems with AD, especially HR and HR-like systems (such as student registration, contractors and temporary staff).

These two services – Azure AD Connect and MIM – are key to the smooth-running of authentication services. They also synchronize authorization data (including group memberships), and as such are key to effective security, and compliance. So anything which can provide reporting and monitoring, error detection and remediation, data-triggered workflows, or even source control for these two mission-critical elements is of great interest. This is why SoftwareIdM’s Identity Panel has been so popular.

Extending MIM Functionality to the Cloud View the recording now!

Modern MIM Installation

Tools like SoftwareIDM’s Identity Panel help to bring MIM management and Azure AD Connect management to the cloud.

So far so modern – but what about the MIM Portal? The MIM Portal is an on-premises portal – not what modern organizations are looking for – but the conundrum here is that while many organizations have migrated much of its functionality to the cloud (notably SSPR and group management) they still want to run workflows and produce reports (especially historical reports on identity data).

In response to this, SoftwareIDM released Service Panel. It is available as a SaaS solution, and creates a modern self-service and help-desk identity portal for MIM. It is resonating with customers because it will front-end or replace an on-premises MIM Portal (even in its SaaS form), providing a migration path to the cloud. Remote users find SaaS applications more accessible, with federated authentication through Azure AD/Office 365. Service Panel has a responsive web UI with the features and security people expect in a modern application. Logo, colors, and application settings are configured right in the browser. See this comparison of MIM Portal’s and Service Panel’s capabilities.

Aware that some organizations that have a consolidation strategy around products like ServiceNow, SoftwareIDM engineered Service Panel such that all forms created in Service Panel are natively published via a REST API, enabling tight integration between ServiceNow and SoftwareIDM: requests that come from ServiceNow are validated and serviced by Service Panel, and then Service Panel closes or updates tickets in ServiceNow.

Speed and visibility

Users and help-desk staff commonly complain that identity, group, and mailbox requests take too long to fulfill. Priority request types should be serviced immediately in an event-based fashion, and those requiring long synchronization should be trackable. Service Panel adds both of these capabilities to MIM by performing event-based actions, like creating a new user account or unlocking an account. For requests that intrinsically take time, like creating a mailbox, Service Panel includes eCommerce-style tracking, so users can see when their fulfillment request is complete.

Code Red!

Service Panel’s code red feature is popular, used when a manager needs an emergency option to disable an account. Service Panel can conduct this transaction immediately, and “Track and Trace” validation ensures that account termination has propagated to all connected systems. Service Panel can also be used to immediately re-enable an account. This can all be managed from a mobile device via the Service Panel SaaS app, giving mangers the tools they need to protect the enterprise.

Companies can also use Service Panel’s Track and Trace feature to assure normal terminations are resulting in timely disablement of accounts. Track and Trace easily opens tickets should an account remain active, creating a level of assurance that accounts are disabled across the enterprise and cloud.

Extending MIM Functionality to the Cloud with Service Panel

Put simply, SoftwareIDM modernizes how organizations use MIM. to learn more, view our webinar recording from January 22, 2019.
Extending MIM Functionality to the Cloud View the recording now!

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